Registration to Work with Vulnerable People - Start Application

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What do you need to begin an application for Registration to Work with Vulnerable People:

• Your previous names and/or alias
• An email address and/or mobile number
• The address of any residence you have lived in the past 5 years (including dates you have resided that the address)
• Evidence to prove your identity
• Details for employment or volunteering organisation – Name, address contact person, phone number and email address
• If you have lived outside of Australian for more than one year – you will need to provide dates
• Details of any overseas offence history
• Details of any family violence orders, restraint orders, apprehended violence orders (taken out against you)
• Details of any child protection orders you have been involved in (not as the child to be protected)
Important Note: To apply for the NDIS endorsement you must be employed by an NDIS registered organisation

Applicants under the age of 18 are required to have a legal guardian and/or parent to accompany them to Service Tasmania to complete the application. The legal guardian and/or parent is required to confirm their own identity by meeting the minimum proof of identity documents and provide a linkage document between the applicant and legal guardian and/or parent, such as a birth certificate.

Proof of identity requirements - risk-based licensing (

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Have you ever applied for a Tasmanian Working with Vulnerable People Card?